Polona supported a charity project “Kalvarija 111”

Beba Scap, a Slovenian humanitarian, organized a charity event last week where she climbed the famous stairs onto Kalvarija hill 66 times in 24 hours. There are 454 stairs! Polona joined her as well.

The goal of the event was to raise money for young athletes coming from low income families. Many famous Slovenians joined Beba in her venture, including Polona. “I am happy to have joined Beba here. I like to participate in any charity event, especially those connected to sports and kids. We all come from different backgrounds and if I can help someone through this type of event, I am glad to help. As for Beba and her achievement … amazing. I do a lot of pre-season trainings here on these stairs, but never for 24 hours straight.”


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