Hey guys!

A little update on my schedule, practice etc.. I went back home after Wimbledon, took a few days off because I was really tired, but then we started practising 120% again!
A few days dedicated more to physical part combined with tennis and the last few days I spent a lot of hours on the tennis court and I love it!!!! The last couple of days I’ve been playing in Ljubljana – Drenov Gric :), just to change the location a little bit 🙂

The first tournament is coming next week and it’s hot and humid Palermooooo! I have a nice memory from there 2 years ago when I played the final and I have to say I really love to spend time in Italy! To practice my Italian as well! A presto ragazzi!! :))

The second tournament will be an ITF 100.000$ in Olomouc (CZE). Maybe you were wondering why I’m not playing Bastad this year, the reason is very simple and I’ll tell you because I got a lot of questions and emails on this subject.
As I was injured for around 7months in the last 12months my ranking dropped quite a lot. It is more difficult then to be placed directly in the main draw in this kind of tournaments (that’s why I also had to play qualifying in French Open and Wimbledon).
I entered Bastad with the wish to be able to play in the main draw, but I didn’t get in. So I asked the tournament for a Wild Card because I thought maybe I have a good chance to get it by winning the past two years. Unfortunately this was not the case and I didn’t get the wild card. I was very disappointed, buuuut I have another chance in Czech Republic and I’m looking forward to it!!

The third tournament will be Baku, hard court after a long long time! And my first time there as well, so it will be interesting for sure!

Anyway, that’s all for now and I’ll let you know about any updates or changes! I’ll also try to post a picture in the next days. But in the meantime here’s a little video for you! This time I wasn’t playing soccer during the breaks, I love basketball as well! 🙂

Talk to you soon 😉


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