Hello, welcome to my new website!

As you probably already know I have extended my preparation period for another 10 days and I am flying directly to Melbourne right after the New Year’s. This is something new for me, as I always played some tournaments before the first Grand Slam of the year, but it is always good to try new things, to see what fits you best.

At the moment I am practising in Ljubljana. A couple of weeks of training here with my coach Mattias are behind me now, and before that we spent 3 weeks in Helsingborg – Sweden. I usually spent most of the weeks of the preparation in some place warm, but this time, because of a small problem with the wrist, I preferred to stay in Slovenia and heal it as fast as possible. This way I could spend much more time with my family and my doggy, so at the end it was great.

Basically I just wanted to wish you a welcome to the new website and let you know that I will be writing a blog regulary, to keep you posted about my career, my life, things that I like, things that I don’t like and many many more (I hope interesting) news for you!

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