Anyone wants my racket?

I still can’t say anything relevant about my wrist. Next checkup is in the end of next week when it will be more clear when I’m returning to the tennis court’s. Of course I am not resting in this time but work hard with my fitness trainer! (In one of the next posts I maybe tell you more about him, so you meet the one, who makes sure I fall to bed every evening.) I have to be ready, as I will return to the tennis courts and tour right after a green light from the doctors.

But so we won’t get bored in the meantime, I have a bonus question for you. At the photo-shooting with my photographer Samo Vidic, this photo was shot. Try to find out, what is so special about this photo. I won’t give any more hints for now, so it won’t be too easy.

I will raffle off one of my rackets to someone who will write the right answer in the comments. The drawing will be open to all the answers that you post in the comment field below this post till Thursday!

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